Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Infantino on Graphic NYC

In the name of full disclosure, Carmine Infantino took offense to his interview, and saw fit to send a letter to The Beat, Heidi MacDonald's excellent news blog. You can read both it, and my response, here. I'd like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to respond to Mr. Infantino's note, which I did not learn of until she notified me.

The responses to our respective postings have been interesting, to say the least. There are the usual postings by folks who don't even capitalize proper nouns, reminding me of my high school days, but there's also a great majority of responses from those who have touched upon a more interesting debate: the difference between fan writing and journalism, and whether or not subjects should always be allowed to review interview transcripts.

After a degree of personal introspection (all during a long drive up the east coast), I have made minor edits to the essay solely for the benefit of Mr. Infantino's personal feelings. All of my research and interpretations of his work was kept intact, while minor details were deleted as a courtesy to him.
Seth and I both wish Mr. Infantino all the best.

But, in terms of Graphic NYC, Seth and I are moving forward with an essay on the masterful and entertaining Jules Feiffer tomorrow.

See you then.


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