Friday, August 21, 2009

Blackest Night: Coffee to Wake the Dead

Both of us here at Graphic NYC seriously dig those zombie Black Lanterns in the current Green Lantern story The Blackest Night. If you haven't checked this superhero and zombie horror comic out, definitely give it a whirl.

To help me through those tough writing deadlines, and dealing with the morning after a late night of working, I indulge in my own special coffee recipe, now dubbed Blackest Night coffee -- strong enough to wake the dead!

You need:

Strongly brewed coffee
Espresso blend coffee
Brown sugar
Chocolate syrup (optional)

Brew a shot of Espresso with two scoops or packets of brown sugar (for the dirt of the grave), and pour the shot in with some very strongly brewed coffee. If you want a bitter death, drink it straight, but if you want a sweeter death -- just add chocolate syrup.

There you go! Enjoy, don't drink too much, and keep away from open graves! Now I'm off to work on those big plans--

What's that, Seth? Can't tell 'em for another week? Fair enough...


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