Thursday, September 24, 2009

George O'Connor on Artist Recognition

George O'Connor, the creative mind behind the upcoming Olympians series of graphic novels and the artist of First Second's Ball-Peen Hammer, reveals the truth about Amazon's questionable policies towards illustrators and cartoonists in his blog entry on ACT-I-VATE:

"Recently, I had written to Amazon to have a series of books where I was listed as illustrator added to my page. Upon review, they decided not only were these (totally unrelated) books not worthy of being added but, in addition, they removed my new graphic novel Ball-Peen Hammer and two other books that were already up on my page. The criteria for deletion they listed to me were: my name must be featured on cover (my name was on the cover of all the books in question) and I must have contributed a significant portion to the final book. Essentially, Amazon has decided, that as a cartoonist, I merely contribute a few pictures to the final work. We're only illustrators, it's the author who gets all the credit..."

Read the entirety of his entry here.