About Graphic NYC

Writer Christopher Irving and photographer Seth Kushner launched Graphic NYC as a web-to-print project in December, 2008. The site received major media linkage and culminated in the publication of their book, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics (powerHouse Books).

Leaping Tall Buildings has been called "nearly as epic as the field's history itself," (Publisher's Weekly) and "a living history" (The Wall Street Journal).

The pair pursued independent projects after Graphic NYC and reunited for their final book together: New York Comics, for French publisher MuttPop, released late 2016.

Photo by Christian Guzman.
Christopher Irving firmly believes that writing and teaching about popular culture should be made accessible to the uninitiated while still giving an insightful look at the parallels between popular culture and society. He first cut his teeth as a journalist and historian in the pages of trade publications like Comics Buyer's Guide and Comic Book Artist magazine, before authoring a handful of books on comics and their creators. Most recently, he has taken the plunge into independent publishing with The Drawn Word, his trading card company that specializes in popular culture and comic books. Irving is also the Comic Book History professor in Virginia Commonwealth University's Communication Arts and Design department.

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