The Pekar Project: Getting the Band Together

Seth talks with the cartoonists behind Harvey Pekar's web comic, which was his final word before his untimely death.

Origin of the Harvey Heads

A behind-the-scenes look of the "Harvey Heads" series of Pekar portraits, including contributions by Jeffrey Brown, Ed Piskor, and Rick Veitch.

Historical Essays

Jack Kirby Draws the Golden Age Blue Beetle!

Witness Kirby's first superhero work, on an obscure Golden Age comic book character from the late '30s.

Fletcher Hanks Destroys New York! 

Christopher gives a look at the life and career or Fletcher Hanks and Fox Comics in this historical essay.

Swivel-Arm Battle Grip Revolution: 

The history of Marvel's G.I. Joe comic book and its domination of the '80s comics industry.

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